Revolutionizing the Foundation of Online Trust.

Validity reimagines how we trust one another online.

How Validity Works

Since Validity uses the blockchain to facilitate trust instead of a database - anyone, anywhere, at any time, can verify your data instantly. So we don't have to rely on third parties to establish peer-to-peer trust.

Validity Benefits

Instantly Verifiable

Validity IDs are instantly verifiable because they are stored on the blockchain.


Once the issuer distributes the IDs, the receiver cannot change them.

Permanent Connectivity

The issuer can now maintain and monetize relationships with the receiver.


Set up once, the issuer and receiver do not have to worry about maintenance.


Validity IDs cannot be hacked, compromised, or stolen.


Receivers can showcase their Validity IDs in a consolidated manner.

Own Your Digital Identity.

You should have complete control over the data that shapes your online identity. That's why our technology empowers users to seamlessly carry their identity wherever they go on the internet. With a streamlined validation system, we're setting a new standard for user ownership and security in the digital world.