Learn about Validity

Validity is the future of data verification. Validity talks directly to the blockchain while living on your organization's website.

Validity benefits to your organization:
  • Eliminate exposure to issues related to third-party data transfer and storage
  • Stop fraudulent claims
  • Maintain data ownership locally on your servers
  • Remove the need to respond to verification requests and significantly speed up the process

Why Blockchain ?

We are creating a paradigm shift where people do not have to trust big tech companies or third-party claims on the validity of information online. The organization will become the source of truth. We use blockchain as our platform's underlying technology to create a new system for online trust. How?
  • Permanence- Once the encoding is recorded- modifications are tracked, ensuring a tamper-resistant universal source of truth.
  • Transparency- Every action is openly accessible and verifiable.
  • Provability- The proof created by an organization is self-evident without the need to trust anyone.
Blockchain enables Validity to act as a medium, not just another third party that stores data in a centralized database.

Why Proof ?

Instead of a black box retrieval of an entry from a database- we provide the proof that encoded data comes directly from the issuing organization, the timestamps of issuance, and evidence of the validity of the data. The proof empowers organizations to be the source of truth.